Arts Activities in CHOCA House


CHOCA House’s Art Activities   The objective of the art activities is simply to do art as opposed to following a course. However the organizers and participants often swap tips on various techniques.


1:Artists Club Lisbon:  = a group of professional artists selling our art online + in bars, cafés markets in / near Lisbon .  



2: CHOCA Team The Arts Coordin8ors and Admin Team who help run CHOCA art activities in CHOCA House as well as CHOCA running arts activities in hospitals, schools, art clubs etc in / near Lisbon.


3: Creative Writing + Storytelling Club Lisbon

3.a:  Creative writing tasks, usual format is 5 minute warmers, 30 mins. Pieces, Prose 2x a month, poetry 2x a month.

3.b  Storytelling: 1st hour: We invent on the spot theme based stories. 2nd hour: we tell stories we’ve already brought in from home.



4.a  Cartooning and Doodling: a mixture of drawing activities mainly from fotos, imagination.


4.b  Life Model – Regular: Drawing 1, 5, 10, 15 minute poses from a life model.

4.c  Life Model – Fuck Up: Drawing life model but with tasks such as draw ith non dominant hand, without taking pencil off the paper, etc. Usually 1, 3, 5 minute poses from a life model

4.d  Urban Sketching: Drawing in our sketchbooks what one sees around the city. 1st hour = 1, 5, 10 minute drawings. Participants take turns nominating from what we can see: a building, some people, trees etc. The 2nd half people go off and draw whatever each wants and come together at the end and we show each other our drawings.  

4.e Acrylic Painting:  Acrylic: simply rent and paint in the art studios.

4.d  Watercolor painting: workshops to experiment with watercolor + paper


5: Music Club Lisbon : CHOCA has weekly music sing alongs which often then becomes a jamming session !! 


6: Social + Cooking Club Lisbon


6.a There r get 2gehters to go out 1x / 2x a month – an expo opening, a film presentation, a meal…. wotever 🙂   

6.b  Vegan Cooking Sesson   

i:  Chef of the Nite: A vegan cooking session. Some1 who has a fave vegan recipe comes and shows us and then we eat 🙂 

 ii: Pot luck   When no chef we simply all bring food to share

Choca art studios

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Art Studios in CHOCA House5 rooms as painting / drawing studios in apartment.Shared material: easels, paintbrushes, pencils, pens etc.8am – 11pm // 80€ a monthUse…

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